Energy Management Energy Management Our product portfolio covers all important aspects of a full featured Energy Management System. From Meters, Communication Devices, through to an Energy Management software platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing deployment of Energy Meters. VIEW DETAILS Commercial & Industrial Commercial & Industrial Metering Solutions We are global distributor of energy related hardware and software products, enable companies to reduce energy related costs, achieve regulatory compliance, and achieve green/environmental initiative targets. VIEW DETAILS Data Centre Management Data Centre Management VIEW DETAILS Environmental monitoring, power metering, integrated software and security solutions for power, cooling and IT room. Our PMC-592 & PMC 680i devices are used heavily on data center monitoring solutions. PMC-592 Muti-Circuit Power Monitor PMC-592 is CET's latest offer for PDU, LVDB and load center applications which require multi circuit power monitoring suitable for data center solutions. VIEW DETAILS IoT Ready Ready for Internet Of Things IoT can support continuous improvement and address previously unsolved problems to increase plant availability, safety and reliability. Contact Us for expert consultation. VIEW DETAILS
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